Thursday, 22 November 2012

In Birthday Preprations


Everytime I log in to my blog, I promise myself that now onwards I will be regular at this, but like always I just am not able to do it :) Well today am writing this post, since am planning to start with the second birthday celebrations of my daughter, and this year I plan to have a Jungle/Animal theme for her, she currently is in love with animals and I think the jungle theme would really make her day!!!! Well so am here to gain maximum ideas and do some background work on the same. We do not aim at a big party this year but plan to have it in house party this year. So while going through the websites and manging to do some research I cam across the following link :

Amazing link!!!! and great ideas :) I simply loved it, am surely going to use her ideas specifically the card making ideas for birthday invitation cards for Aaravi's birthday;) I am left with almost a month for her birthday and I hope that I am able to amke her day really special this time!!!
Please do share your views/ideas which will help me make her biryhady a memorable one:)


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Complexities in Life:)

Am here again after a long time....You just get so much engrossed in life that at times it just gets difficult to manage things:( Most of the times I feel life is getting monotonus...same routines, feeding Aaravi, getting ready for work, going back, spending time with her, putting her to bed, again eating time, and much boring life has become...I need some change dont know what but probbaly a break but thats so difficult with the currnet lifestyles we have;)

Anyways, ya, had  a change last week...With 8th being a holiday on the occassion of Holi - the festival of colours (which luckily was on Thursday), I took a day off on Friday from work, so manged tos pend 4 full days with my lil one...Ahh it was a relaxed change with no work hassles and you could manage your day at your own pace and not be bothered about the clock!!!!But alas if only these moments could be always yours....We are already into the middle of week, that feeling at least gives some inspiration to slog for 2 more days and then weekend could be here:))) So lets be a little relaxed till another Monday creates its havoc;)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A trip to Velneshwar

Last month, we had been to Velneshwar, a beach almost 270 kms from pune on the konkan coast....A beautiful serene cristal clear blue waters....looking at the blue waters you could just say WOW!!!! I must say an amazing place to relax and chill...We went with friends and drove down to the place...The way is also mesmerising, you could stop at numerous other spots in between to enjoy the picturesque drive...The only drawback I felt in the entire 3 day trip was non availability of proper food as you dont have proper restaurants there and since we had 2 kids with us the food became all the more a problem. Well somehow we managed  and then apart from this life became a merry go ride:)
I would recommend the place to visit and have some refreshing time away from the hectic lifestyle...Below a few beautiful pictures clicked by a friend on our way...

Friday, 30 December 2011

Aaravi Turns One!!!!

I have been trying to write a blog from last one year and somehow have started today, hope the journey continues;) On 27th my daughter turned one....A milestome achieved!!!! The journey of life has been amazing till now and with Aaravi life has become beautiful....I just couldnt realize how time flew this year with her...2011 taught me many things...being a mother, a talkative person to Aaravi, the year taught me rhymes, to read story books, to name different dolls...uff what not..the list seems endless..but each and every thing i did this year I love dit..I love dit to the core....Angels bring happiness in our life and make them meaningful for us...Aaravi you have done the same to me ....I love you my precious fairy!!! God Bless you!!!

Aaravi's bday was celebrated on 25 Dec'11, a beautiful day with family, friends and Winne the Pooh..Aaravi everyone of us was there to wish you on your bday and bless you for a beautiful life alws... How beautiful you looked my princess...Wishing you a blessed life and thank you all for being there to wish my lil angel and showering your love to my princess, and to all you guys reading this blog!!!!
Thanks....bye for now till I connect again...

Happy New Year to everyone :)