Thursday, 22 November 2012

In Birthday Preprations


Everytime I log in to my blog, I promise myself that now onwards I will be regular at this, but like always I just am not able to do it :) Well today am writing this post, since am planning to start with the second birthday celebrations of my daughter, and this year I plan to have a Jungle/Animal theme for her, she currently is in love with animals and I think the jungle theme would really make her day!!!! Well so am here to gain maximum ideas and do some background work on the same. We do not aim at a big party this year but plan to have it in house party this year. So while going through the websites and manging to do some research I cam across the following link :

Amazing link!!!! and great ideas :) I simply loved it, am surely going to use her ideas specifically the card making ideas for birthday invitation cards for Aaravi's birthday;) I am left with almost a month for her birthday and I hope that I am able to amke her day really special this time!!!
Please do share your views/ideas which will help me make her biryhady a memorable one:)



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  2. same here...but believe me with such a busy schedule it's hell difficult to be regular...!!!;)
    following back...:)