Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Complexities in Life:)

Am here again after a long time....You just get so much engrossed in life that at times it just gets difficult to manage things:( Most of the times I feel life is getting monotonus...same routines, feeding Aaravi, getting ready for work, going back, spending time with her, putting her to bed, again eating time, and much boring life has become...I need some change dont know what but probbaly a break but thats so difficult with the currnet lifestyles we have;)

Anyways, ya, had  a change last week...With 8th being a holiday on the occassion of Holi - the festival of colours (which luckily was on Thursday), I took a day off on Friday from work, so manged tos pend 4 full days with my lil one...Ahh it was a relaxed change with no work hassles and you could manage your day at your own pace and not be bothered about the clock!!!!But alas if only these moments could be always yours....We are already into the middle of week, that feeling at least gives some inspiration to slog for 2 more days and then weekend could be here:))) So lets be a little relaxed till another Monday creates its havoc;)


  1. Great writing, you def need a break, sounds you are very tired, Thanks for visit my blog, following you back. You have sucha cute daughter!!!xoxo

  2. joy of having ur daughter treasures more ..